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About Us

Providing Therapy Services  Across the Lifespan

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At Milestones Therapy we believe people of all ages should have access to high quality and personalized therapy services. Life is a journey full of milestones and it has bumps along the way. We are here to help work through those bumps so that a child can eat their first birthday cake, participate in preschool and graduate high school, dance at at weddings, raise kids and grandkids, and blow out the candles on their 100th birthday!

Our Commitment

We are committed to serving with the highest level of personalized care. Therapists at Milestones get to know the patient and caregivers to develop individualized care. 

Therapists at Milestones remain highly consistent with limited switching of therapists for sessions. At times, sessions are covered by another therapist if the primary therapist is out due to illnesses, vacation, or other personal reasons. When this happens, the team at Milestones gives significant thought to how well the patient can tolerate a change in therapist and how well the patient knows the covering therapist. The Milestones team will determine if coverage or canceling the session is in the best interests of the patient. In some cases, the primary therapist will reschedule the session for another time in the same week if possible. 


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